History in the making

Earlier today we (my other company JAJDO), launched our second iPad and iPhone app. This one is called Buildo History or as in the picture below if you’re Russian. (we’ve translated it into 18 languages)

Buildo History. This one translated into Russian.

This is the second app in the Buildo Series. Our idea has been to create a simple yet creative app that allows for kids to create their own stories with as little guidance as possible. True creativity isn’t about us grown-ups creating rules that they need to follow. Our children will have plenty of that when they grow older. The Buildo series is more about playing around, having a good time and creating stories.

It’s kinda funny cause when grown-ups look at the Buildo apps they tend to say “Hmm, it looks a little simple”. When kids play with it they tend to say nothing but instead play with it for hours..or actually first play and then tell stories. My daughters Ebba and Linn often ask me to go away for half an hour and then come back. When I’m back in the room the show and tell me the story. It’s often a great laugh!

If you’ve got kids you should check it out. I think they’ll like it!

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