Got Kids? Get Culture! Introducing Buildo Museum.

Today is a great day.

Over at JAJDO we’re releasing our third app. Buildo Museum is aimed to get kids all over the world interested in culture. Get your free copy in the appstore before the 6th of febrary!

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  • Gunu Kumar215

    i am so much impressed after seeing your gives us knowledge so i just wanna say its knowledgeable.


  • I did it yesterday just in time, thanks for the tip!

  • Allienbert

    A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors
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  • Guest

    This guy is hilarious. Advertising as he cares about the young ones and “aims to help kids all over the world to realise their creative learning potential” by selling them mainstream app-games that has nothing to do with education or -in-learning whatsoever. Fail.

  • test


  • getinharvard
  • Nice museum 🙂