Finally live. JAJDOs next app – Pop ABC. It’s poppin’ fun!

Today is a great day. I’m really proud to announce JAJDOs next app – Pop ABC.

We’ve really been struggling to get this app out there. The app has been almost ready since before the summer but as always things take more time than first expected. However, we’ve learned a lot and now once it’s out there in the App Store I’m really happy and proud.

With timeless 8-bit gameplay, wacky sound FX, points bonuses, colorful graphics and a clear learning objective, Pop ABCs is that rare thing: a game for all the family. Your child will learn the alphabetic principle: to recognize letters and learn how letters are pronounced and sound. Once children are able to hear and discern sounds (phonemes), they are ready to associate those sounds with letters.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get it – and even better – help us spread the news!

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  • App looks great! Hope you’ll be more and more successfull with your learning apps in the future! Power to the kids!

    I’ll be camping next friday to get the new IPhone – just for downloading your apps of course. 😉

  • Testade just POP abc. Sjukt stressande och jag klev in på 5-7-årsnivån och kände pulsen stiga… från 7 och uppåt vågade jag bara titta på. Inte min grej men jag vet att min 5- och 7-åring imorgon kommer att gå loss på det hysteriska plingandet och slå mig med hästlängder. Grattis, det här blir nog lyckat.

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