Continuing building the Marginalen Bank brand with a new commercial

As of monday this week you can spot the latest TVC created for Marginalen Bank.

This sweet little flick is the latest short film (I see it more as a short film than a TVC) in a series of three (1 & 2) created by me for Marginalen Bank, the brand I took part in developing and launching last fall. This time I’ve written and Art Directed it. As usual I’ve partnered with Caroline Karlström to make sure the project was delivered on time and quality. This time we contracted Mr Potemkin, aka Magnus Östergren to make sure the dream came alive.


Malin Erkonnen made us all smile with her fantastic illustrations and finally as always we had Erik Heusler produce the music.

This is of course just one of many activities going on right now but I wanted to share this little beauty with you.

I hope you like it!

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  • Johan Crona

    Interesting to follow your work!

    Im curious to know if you worked anything with the internal process at Marginalen Bank, for exampel how the customer service processes should be implemented. Big part of the brand of a bank is how the clients perceive the quality in their personal interactions with the bank. Does your work include this part of the brand development as well?

  • It is kind of funny, I saw this TVC yesterday for the first time – and I thought of it as really cute, wondering what it was all about – until I saw the red little name. However, I found your blog today when searching for some ethics blogs to follow for an assignment in school. Such a coincidence! 

  • Hey,

    That’s a part of branding as well. What and how we’re involved in that – I’d like to keep to myself for now 🙂

  • Small world 🙂

    Lycka till i ‘skolan’

  • Helen Kreutz-Bolander

    I saw the other day and wondered if you and Caroline was still involved with Marginalen. It made me think that maybe I really should look into getting a new bank after all 😀

  • 🙂 Glad to hear!

  • Leekaiser

    The feeling i got during this ad: “feeling small, stepped on”,  -we need to grow, or we die is totally and utterly terrible, and then symbolize this into some black and white ubersized, almost in a stompers boot party. The design is very good, not very well directed. i give it 2/5

  • 🙂 Different than most. It works very well

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