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Johan Ronnestam is a 41 year old, consultant, future branding expert, digital media professional, creative director, speaker, innovator and entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden who loves communication, ideas and creativity.


Leading Brands Into the Future of Communication.

Were living in the transparent century where all information ia accessible only a keystroke away. Somewhere in the world someone is working right now on project ment to disrupt your brand and your products. We all fight hard to get our 15 minutes of fame. How can we get people to talk about our brand, our products and services? What sticks? That is the question?

Well, let us find out. No mumbo jumbo, no bull shit and definitely no complex models. I simply solve problems with knowledge, creativity, innovation and a firm belief that emotions is what branding, advertising, communication and success is all about.

With this insight we deliver ideas & solutions that push brands forward, no matter if it’s a product, graphical design, a process, an education, packaging, new services, advertising, digital tools, events and social media activities. I do NOT define myself by specific areas, I’m simply a problem solver.


I’m a new kind of creative consultant focusing on innovative communication

I believe that the needs of the consumer must come first, not the needs of a marketing department or a media agency. Innovation must be a part of the solution. In order for me to deliver on that promise I’ve secured a network consisting of some of the most senior people from everywhere except for the same background as everyone else on the market. I deliver strategy, branding, concepts, art direction and copy that solves the communication and business development problems of leading brands.


I’m not a digital creative nor am I a traditional communication consultant.

I do not define myself by a specific media, solution or branch but by the work I deliver to some of the worlds leading brands and that is whatever solves their problem. I also don’t think I need to be shaped out of same mold as conventional communication consultants. Big budgets and production houses doesn’t promise big ideas. Brains and great individuals do!


It’s a jungle out there

From advertising to online pr, campaign sites to social marketing experiments, web applications to content management, blogging to podcasting, desktop to mobile. I consult for leading brands and companies that believe in the value of proven experience and knowledge to help them find the way out of the jungle and into the fire. Together we’ll create the roadmap that highlights the path to an innovated brand, company, organization or online presence.

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State problems, Together we’ll find solutions.

Digital, traditional or integrated. Awarded in competitions like Cannes, New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards, Epica,

CLIO, DA&D and more. We can ensure you that there’s a little army of black spots in our brains filled with ideas waiting to be let out in the open. Join the likes of adidas International, Nike Europe, BMW, Danone, Volvo Ocean Race, Procter & Gamble, Omega, MTV, H&M, IKEA, ICA, Svenska Spel, Toyota, Nokia, Kosta Boda, Pfizer, Beckers, Com Hem, Ladbrokes in creating some ot the worlds most effective strategies, campaigns and communication initiatives.

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I’m (Johan Ronnestam) widely regarded as one of Sweden’s leading authority in the field of creative and modern conceptual thinking, and skill of innovating brands and communication. My instructions in thinking different, new and innovating communication, invariably popular and appreciated, are sought after by brands, governments and education globally.

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The last 15 years I’ve looked through more than 1000 applications from some of the best creatives in the world. I’ve worked with directors, artists, photographers, production companies, art directors, 3D artists, copywriters, technology superstars, SEO superstars, illustrators, directors and other great people. This is part of my strenght. Together with these great individuals I’m equiped to deliver everything from local to global communication and advertising concepts that solves your problem