Common Sense Communication

In the offline world, if your customers didn’t find what they were looking for inside your store and left without shopping.

Would you:

a) Rethink the layout of your store today
b) Rethink the layout of your store next year
c) Rethink the layout of your store within the next three years

I think the answer is quite obvious. Then why the hell doesn’t more brands and companies care more about how people being converted through their online presence today, this hour and this minute.

Whenever you have questions about your online marketing and communication activities simply ask yourselves – What would I do in the offline world. The answer to that question can always be translated into a digital solution. It goes for marketing, design, online events, social communication, choice of technology and more. I call this Commons Sense Communication.

Common sense really!

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  • Therese

    Voted Sweden’s first blog on innovation, future trends and digital communication- by whom?

  • Johan Ronnestam

    Two times by Yaba awards and Microsoft Advertising also named me swedens first authority on digital communication this year.

    But what did that have to do with this short morning reflection :)

  • Therese

    Very nice. Was just curious. Think there are quite a few good Swedish blogs in this sense, but I like the ‘anti-jante’ approach!

    About your post- absolutely agree with the common sense thought. Would you say one should take a different approach if your site does not provide commerce on site, but is more of a brand building tool?

  • Johan Ronnestam

    There’s tons. I’ve gathered most of them in my blog roll below.

    I’d say commons sense works for both ecommerce and branding. When you
    plan a campaign in offline media, say outdoor, print and TV you can
    seldom change the character of the campaign over day. Usually not over
    the campaign period at all. But with online activities you can measure
    the success of your campaign on a hourly basis. And if it doesn’t
    perform I cannot see the reason why you should not aim to increase the

    You should ‘eye’ my ‘book’ on the subject ››


  • Andy Nattan

    It’s because people just can’t make that mental link between offline and online marketing. They don’t seem to be able to realise that what works with one should work for the other.

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  • Sports Energy

    Nice blog.
    Thanks for this information.

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