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60 seconds of pure passion

Just home from a weekend in St Anton with the mountain guides at Piste to Powder. This says it all:



As you might have seen I’ve been working with Marginalen Bank for quite some time now. Last time I posted about Marginalen I wrote about the campaign featuring world class dancer Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman. Benke was one of the founders of the dance collective Bounce. Today he’s doing tons of choreography and he’s also the founder of the dance gym House of Shapes. Now as the time had come for a a new brand campaign decided to create sequel to the first campaign. The results when we first aired ‘Benke’ last fall was impressive. The campaign generated great numbers for the Marginalen Bank brand awareness [click to continue…]



Four weeks ago I wrote a blogpost on how we’re moving from a content is king world to a quality is king world. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve got tons of fans you might have a challenge. Your fans might crave tons of content and sooner or later you’ll end up with money problems. After all, tons of

[click to continue…]

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Get great music for your videos

Ever run into the problem of uploading a video to Facebook or YouTube and getting it stopped because of the music you’ve chosen? Here’s a saturday tip: In the future. Pick music that is published under the Creative Commons licence. Find great sites over at Creative Commons own website here. My personal favorite is Free Music Archive.


Me looking into the camera on the top of Valluga before heading down an extrem run. 

Right now I’m spending four days in heaven. Together with some friends and I’m St Anton skiing some of Europe’s best powder. We got our two mountain guides with us and we’re exploring every part of the [click to continue…]


If you’ve followed this blog and me for a while you know I’ve been heading the work of making one of Sweden’s newest brands come to life – The Marginalen Bank.

It’s a fantastic assignment where I’ve together with Caroline Karlström have been given the honor of both creating the actual brand as well as establish it and building it on the Swedish market. Read more about that here and here.

Today another chapter in the Marginalen Bank branding story was written.

This morning our latest move to continue differentiating the bank from it’s competitors went live. And I’m damn proud of the results. The challenge was to create a concept that continues to build the Marginalen Bank brand in a positive way and emotional way. We felt we needed to innovate the creative concept we had previously worked with and move beyond illustrations but still stay within the areas of art and creativity. With this in mind we created a new communication platform that truly emotionalizes the brand, creates awareness and hopefully creates positive results.

The idea: Have creative people within the cultural industry interpret different key aspects of Marginalen Bank’s business areas.

We teamed up with the fantastic dancer, and great personality Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman, more known to some of you for being one of the founders and creative leaders behind the dance group Bounce. (If you don’t know of Bounce chances are that you probably know about the Flashmob tribute Bounce performed when Michael Jackson died.) Today [click to continue…]


(This is a Swedish post covering the 24 Hours Live event in May earlier this year)

Tidigare i år, närmare bestämt i början av Maj, genomförde jag tillsammans med Göran Adlén årets kanske mest korkade eller geniala idé. Ett enkelt koncept. Vi skulle spendera 24 timmar non-stop i hotelbaren, något slags världsrekord?, på ett av sveriges coolaste hotel, Clarion Sign Hotel, och föreläsa om framtidens kommunikations och affärslandskap samt hur det kommer påverka vårt samhälle och oss människor. Vi kallade konceptet för 24 Hours Live.

Therese Reuterswärd fångar oss med sin’telefon’ någonstans från baren.

Som om det inte var nog övertalade vi vår gode vän och ‘thincasting’ expert Robin Danehav att sända hela eventet live över nätet vilket skulle ge oss möjlighet att interagera inte bara med publiken på plats utan också de som följde oss via nätet. Sagt och gjort. Robin riggade tillsammans med Petter Karlsson och satte sig bakom kamerorna.

Klockan 12:00 den 6:e maj slog vi på (live) strömmen för att sedan hålla låda 24 timmar i sträck. Utan att Sova. Utan att ta pauser. Bara tala oavbrutet.

När klockan ett helt dygn senare åter slog 12:00 kunde vi blicka tillbaka på 24 fantastiska timmar där mer än 3000 personer på olika sätt följt livesändningen som inte marknadsförts mer än via några blogginlägg samt någon enstaka Tweet dagarna innan. Vi var helt enkelt osäkra [click to continue…]


As of monday this week you can spot the latest TVC created for Marginalen Bank.

This sweet little flick is the latest short film (I see it more as a short film than a TVC) in a series of three (1 & 2) created by me for Marginalen Bank, the brand I took part in developing and launching last fall. This time I’ve written and Art Directed it. As usual I’ve partnered with Caroline Karlström to make sure the project was delivered on time and quality. This time we contracted Mr Potemkin, aka Magnus Östergren to make sure the dream came alive.


Malin Erkonnen made us all smile with her fantastic illustrations and finally as always we had Erik Heusler produce the music.

This is of course just one of many activities going on right now but I wanted to share this little beauty with you.

I hope you like it!


Me and partner in crime Göran Adlén, one of Swedens most hired and admired speakers on future trends, had a nice lunch a couple of weeks ago. Half way into a wonderful Pizza at Vapiano we suddenly cracked, what probably is our most stupid or…genius idea so far:

“Why don’t we lock our selves up somewhere and chat away about trends, communication, design, technology, the environment, the world and much more for 24 hours without any sleep or pause. NO SLEEP – NO PAUSE! and broadcast it – Live!?”

Seconds later I was off the phone with Robin Danehav, thincasting mastermind, who answered in seconds “I’m in!”.

Göran Adlén & Johan Ronnestam 24 Hours Live at Clarion Sign Hotel! Thincasted by Robin Danehav.

The event will be broadcasted live, both here on my blog and on the campaign website 24 Hours.se, as well as performed on stage at Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. So, mark the 6th and 7th of May 2011 in your calendars. Ah, almost forgot. If you’re on Twitter. Use the #24live if you wanna tag along.

Oh, and of course it’s all free. If you wanna pay something – pay me a Tweet or a Facebook link.

See you at lunchtime on the 6th of may!

ps. For you english speaking readers – the event will be held in Swedish but followed with 24 videos summarising the event – these will be text translated.


Some of you might have followed my blog since way back while others followed me only a couple of days. So I decided it was time to dig into Google Analytics and gather my top 100 blog posts, based on traffic, (I have written 596 to this date) between the years 2005 and 2011 for you to read.

I did actually start my first blog back in 2002 but quickly stopped blogging. It was more of an installation experiment. Then in 2005 I slowly started posting again. Up until now I’ve had over a half a million pageviews and 367374 unique visitors dropping in.

Oh, by the way. If there’s anything you like – please Tweet it or put it on your FB page. It would make me happy.

So here we [click to continue…]


Leading a brand? Thinking about how to create a long term integrated communication platform? Think no more cause I’ll share the model I’ve been using for the last three years when leading brands into the future of advertising, communication and advertising.

Normally I’d work a company or brand through a series of workshops. We would then slowly start to follow this model over time. Changing how you, your brand and marketing organisation work with advertising and communication is not something you do over night. I would recommend brands to keep on doing what they do best – shoot fireworks -while slowly start to change their way of communicating their products and services from ground up.

Moving your communication into the future is also tough on your organisation as your moving from campaign based communication activities to instead building long term equity that will generate results over time. Send your entire marketing organization as well as your IT department and management team on several digital communication crash courses cause your CEO better understand what you talk about when you’re talking conversion, SEM, SEO, AdWords, H1, Keywords, Stats and shit.

Have a read. If you like what you read – get going. Change!

Here we go – The Key To Future Integrated Communication by Johan Ronnestam

The basis of your online communication platform

The first thing we’ve gotta agree upon before moving further into the model is the following: Your brand consist out of two things. The product/services you offer and [click to continue…]


Dear Saab. Your Site Sucks

Usually when I don’t like something I try to give constructive feedback. But in this case there’s just to much of a history involved. About 9 years ago I tried to pitch ideas on Saab. Partly because I really wanted to work with a car brand and partly because they were Swedes. Already back then were the account managed by Lowe Brindfors. I thought Lowe did a shitty job then and obviously they do a shitty job now. Will they never learn? (That goes for both SAAB and Lowe)

Today, as was writing a blog post about integrated communication (soon to be published) I decided to do a quick video analysis of the current SAAB presence online. And let me tell you…it sucks big time. Sorry for the shitty English. But it serves the purpose.

I don’t get it. Aren’t car brands supposed to senior managers employeed that knows their shit? These guys sell products that costs a fortune and they can’t even product a simple site that will convert people into buyers. It scares me.

The first thought that comes to mind is that the marketing department don’t know what they’re doing to the brand, and that’s of course true, but then I think about it a little bit more. This is not a marketing department problem. This is a management problem.

Jan Åke Jonsson and the rest of you ‘silverbacks’ way up in the hierarchy! SAAB is not an industrial company – it’s a B2C product oriented and brand driven car company backed by great technology but emotions and brand comes first. And Jan, don’t come telling me this is a thing for the marketing department. Branding and marketing should be your, the management group and the board of directors first priority. It’s what your future is all about!

So. Jan Åke and the rest of you managers at SAAB.
You’ve sold SAAB to another company outside Sweden, but the a large majority of the cars are still being built in Sweden and lots of peoples incomes rely on you and your management team taking the right decisions. In the long run even I will be affected if you close down. And trust me, if you don’t stop acting like fools when it comes to branding issues (cause personally I think there are more problems than the site) you’ll close down anytime soon. It’s time to stop loving your history and focus on the future!