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Just another day

About five years ago I launched new process that could help brands and companies to break out of their stand still and also help me in creating the right climate for change in the projects I work with. I call this process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. 


The process contains of three main activites; Today, The Future and Tomorrow. 

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process is based on a combination of my own 20 years of experience of working with some of the most known brands of the world merged with ideas from leading innovators such as Hartmut Esslinger (the brain behind Frog Design), Yves Béhar and Dieter Rams and the way the car industry historically have been working with prototypes and innovation.

The car industry that have been working with prototypes for more than 50 years. These prototypes are not only meant to make people go wow. They’re in fact used to show the future direction of the car brand thus also align all expectations from media, customers, staff and partners in one direction. One of the most important thing is to make people look towards the future instead of looking back at history.


The BMW Efficient Engineering concept prototype showcased in Frankfurt 2009. In 2014 the BWM i8 has taken large parts of this concept into production.

Five years have passed and I’ve delivered six prototypes containing strategic and tactical recommendations for four of Sweden’s largest brands (Svenska Spel & ICA among others) and two of the worlds largest brands (Danone among others). Until now these projects has been hidden in the dark due to the fact that these brands have chosen to keep these projects secret. However, the projects have been successfully implemented and lead to dramatic changes in terms of how the companies have prioritized their budgets and future plans. Now I’m pleased to be able to give you insight into the process itself [click to continue…]


60 seconds of pure passion

Just home from a weekend in St Anton with the mountain guides at Piste to Powder. This says it all:


Unstad, Lofoten. A place I’ll come back to.

SurfUnstad Beach. A nice wave breaking.

Last weekend I was away on a brand journey to Unstad, Lofoten with Swedish fashion brand Mountain Works. I’m one of the partners of this small yet well known Swedish clothing brand and now it was time for our first ‘Brand Lab’ trip. This is a concept I’ve created where I bring great personalities that in different ways represent the lifestyle Mountain Works wants to enforce.

ClimbingLofotenClimbing one of the peaks with the Mountain Works Brand Lab team

This first trip was chosen with great care by me. I wanted to guide these great people (I’ll let you know more about the team when we start communicating things soon) to a place that blew their and my mind. On top of this I felt the climate was important as we design create state of the art down jackets. The choice was easy. In the north of Norway in Lofoten land there’s [click to continue…]


On the future of Apple and iOS7

Yesterday I installed iOS 7 on my daughters iPhone. Shortly after she came up to me crying. I asked her what was wrong? – It’s so ugly she said. What is? – Everything daddy!

This morning I woke up early and had some fun in photoshop. Is this the future of Apple?



What comes after Facebook? A social world?

facebook-lonelyAlmond Butterscotch named his photo Connected and lonely

That’s one of the most common questions I get when I’m giving speeches or meeting clients. Hell if I knew but the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving it some thoughts, new thoughts though. If you’d asked me one year ago I’d dreamed up some sort of new service or maybe I’d be talking about Instagram, Path or some other new social network. That’s of course in one way part of the answer but lately I’ve spent more time thinking about the vacuum that would appear of people stopped using Facebook.

I’ve been using Facebook since early 2007. It’s been one of my most important channels to keep up with both old and new friends. In the last five years I’ve [click to continue…]


Change starts with a knife!


The food industry keeps on spending money on products that saves us time. Fast food, pre cooked food, half fabricates, frozen food etc etc. It’s easier than ever to distance ourselves from the fact that we are using up natures resources faster and faster. If we keep it up we’ll be in big trouble sooner than later.

This is where the knife comes into play. Get a really good knife. Buy fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Then put that iPhone or iPad away and let the cooking take time. As a result your relation to food will change and you’ll end up appreciating what mother nature gives us and in the long run you’ll start to use less of mother natures resources and more of your brain power.

Change starts with a knife, it’s that simple!


Here you go. My Netvibes feeds again!

netvibes-feeds-ronnestamNetvibes. Still my favorite feed reader. 

Back in 2008 I wrote a blog post telling you how I used Netvibes to monitor tons of blogs. Then in 2011 I wrote a blogpost teaching you how I “stay ahead of the competition“.

Now the time has come again to share some love. I’ve uploaded my updated XML file for you here to download. ‹‹ Right click to download and then head to Netvibes, open an account if you haven’t [click to continue…]


Digital takes direct out of Direct Marketing

The last two days I’ve been hidden away in a conference room in Stockholm. We’ve been about 40 individuals who have been chosen to work in the Jury for Guldnyckeln, Swedens first competition for direct marketing. It’s interesting to see how the challenges of marketing slowly but surely erases the borders between different communication activities. When you look at the DM sector I think this is more visible than

[click to continue…]


roland-tb-303Roland added some great value when they created the Roland TB-303

If you wanna create digital brand activities or products that actually make a difference. Don’t think technology! Too often I see cases where the entire product or a communication idea has been based on technical possibilities. This never works in the long run. No one truly cares about technology, we care about what [click to continue…]


Beauty is a beast!

I’ve written about surfing before and why I love it. I’m not sure I’d be that thrilled to paddle into this though!

The video shows Teahupoo on Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro. Many calls this the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. The French Navy even labeled this day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone that

[click to continue…]



What are you doing tomorrow?

Now that’s a worthless question. You have no idea if you’re even alive tomorrow. Far too many people expect great things in the future but they’re not living today. You might say that goals are ok and of course they are, I’ve got tons of them. But it’s the journey that makes life worth living. Not the destination. The destination is merely a confirmation that you’ve finished your journey and need to get going on a new adventure.

Almost every time I read or listen to an interview with an old woman or man I hear “I wish I….more of….why didn’t I…I should have…”

We are born, we are raised and our creativity is taken out of us, step by step. We learn to follow rules, what is right and wrong, how to behave, what can and [click to continue…]


My equipment list for the 110 km ultra run in August


You might have read my post on me becoming an ultra runner. In August this year I’m about to challenge myself beyond anything else I’ve ever done from a physical point of view. Read about the ultra challenge in my other post. Today however I thought I’d share what I’ll bring to the starting line from an equipment point of view.

The Fjällräven Classic that I’m taking part in is a 110 kilometer hike taking place in the north of Sweden. The hike starts in Nikkalaukta and then follows the Kings Trail to Abisko. The hike is organised by Fjällräven and as a safety precaution there is a list of obligatory equipment which must be carried. As the Fjällräven Classic is a hike it’s not much of a problem for most contenders. For me however it’s a [click to continue…]