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Browse through branding, advertising, future communication, marketing, design and social media activities that Johan Ronnestam has been part of delivering for the leading brands of the world

Let me introduce BAUX – Let’s Build!

Almost two years ago I had a very nice lunch with Petrus Palmér. Petrus has together with Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren founded the world famous design agency Form Us With Love. As we’re enjoying our food Petrus tells me about one of the products FUWL has created. It’s an acoustic panel made out of wood, cement and cement. It’s a beautiful product made to be mounted on walls. Then he keeps on showing me tons of other things they’ve created.

We’ve started a company together

As I came home that night I couldn’t stop thinking about that acoustic product he talked about. It’s a design product yet it’s a functional building material and on top of it all it’s sustainable. The next morning I called my good friend Fredrik Franzon, also an entrepreneur, this one with a history of optimizing supply chains and a great understanding for industrial processes – Fredrik, you’ve gotta be part of this! I then approached FUWL and said “Let’s build a company together”. The following 8 month we wined and dined, we got to know each other and then finally we shook hands. BAUX was born last year in September.


The BAUX mission – We’re here to inject the X into BAU

In February this year (2014), following a six month process where we defined the strategy, built our business plan, created our new brand plattform, developed new products, initiated the marketing process and developed our website, we launched [click to continue…]


About five years ago I launched new process that could help brands and companies to break out of their stand still and also help me in creating the right climate for change in the projects I work with. I call this process The Ronnestam Prototyping Process. 


The process contains of three main activites; Today, The Future and Tomorrow. 

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process

The Ronnestam Prototyping Process is based on a combination of my own 20 years of experience of working with some of the most known brands of the world merged with ideas from leading innovators such as Hartmut Esslinger (the brain behind Frog Design), Yves Béhar and Dieter Rams and the way the car industry historically have been working with prototypes and innovation.

The car industry that have been working with prototypes for more than 50 years. These prototypes are not only meant to make people go wow. They’re in fact used to show the future direction of the car brand thus also align all expectations from media, customers, staff and partners in one direction. One of the most important thing is to make people look towards the future instead of looking back at history.


The BMW Efficient Engineering concept prototype showcased in Frankfurt 2009. In 2014 the BWM i8 has taken large parts of this concept into production.

Five years have passed and I’ve delivered six prototypes containing strategic and tactical recommendations for four of Sweden’s largest brands (Svenska Spel & ICA among others) and two of the worlds largest brands (Danone among others). Until now these projects has been hidden in the dark due to the fact that these brands have chosen to keep these projects secret. However, the projects have been successfully implemented and lead to dramatic changes in terms of how the companies have prioritized their budgets and future plans. Now I’m pleased to be able to give you insight into the process itself [click to continue…]



Photo by Andreas Hemmingsson

About a year ago I was approached by David Hamilton, board member of the Swedish Ullna Golf Club and also owner of Caddee. The Ullna Golf Club was established and designed in 1981 by the late Mr. Sven Tumba, a Swedish sports icon and golf pioneer and the same year in August, HRH Prince Bertil officially inaugurated the golf course. Of course there had been many great Swedish golf clubs before Ullna GC but in many ways Ullna GC broke the rules in terms of how [click to continue…]



As you might have seen I’ve been working with Marginalen Bank for quite some time now. Last time I posted about Marginalen I wrote about the campaign featuring world class dancer Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman. Benke was one of the founders of the dance collective Bounce. Today he’s doing tons of choreography and he’s also the founder of the dance gym House of Shapes. Now as the time had come for a a new brand campaign decided to create sequel to the first campaign. The results when we first aired ‘Benke’ last fall was impressive. The campaign generated great numbers for the Marginalen Bank brand awareness [click to continue…]



About one year ago I was one of the keynote speakers at Webbdagarna, one of Swedens biggest events on Internet, technology, communication, media, mobile and more.

My subject when I spoke last year was ”2012 The Year of the Swedes” and except for the 2500 people who listened live, another 33491 people has watched my keynote once again on YouTube. A fairly good number considered it’s a Swedish speech. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead. I still think my points are most valid. (For you english speaking bloggers I’m sad to say that this speech was done in Swedish.)

This wednesday it’s time again. This year I wont be speaking but I’ll definitely be there both on wednesday and thursday. So if wanna catch up, feel free contact me.


Putting Sweden on the map at LeWeb 2012


A couple of month before LeWeb Annika Lidne, Social Media superwoman from Sweden approached me and asked if I wanted to be a part of the Swedish Trade Council Initiative at LeWeb. Once I said “hell yes” she also asked if I would consider developing a communication concept for the event. “Hell yes! once again”. The challenge with this project was the fact that it wasn’t only JAJDO and Annikas company presenting themselves at LeWeb in Paris. The trade federation had actually gathered 29! swedish start ups looking to network and create impact in France. The secondary challenge was that [click to continue…]


Ett nytt lyxigt experiment

This is a blog post in Swedish about a new start-up I’m heading aiming to establish a luxury blog in Sweden.

Lyx är ett sånt där ord som skapar oreda. Vissa blir alldeles till sig av lycka medan andra blir mer eller mindre förbannade. Lyx lämnar dock ingen oberörd, det är spännande. Mer eller mindre skulle jag vilja säga att alla har en egen definition av lyx och oavsett om man vill erkänna det eller inte är lyx något vi alla strävar efter, några efter den materiella definitionen och andra efter den andliga.

Därför känns det extra kul att meddela att jag nu startar ännu ett projekt. Jag fick för ett tag sedan möjligheten att köpa domänen lyx.se och ställdes då inför frågan “Vad ska jag hitta på med den domänen?”. Det tog en stund men nu har jag bestämt mig. Jag tänker starta en lyxblogg, eller en tidning på nätet skulle man kanske kunna säga.

Bloggen finns nu live på lyx.se och du är välkommen att titta in. Under närmaste veckorna kommer jag presentera den redaktion som kommer arbeta med projektet. Än är inte allt klart. Men vi blir någonstans mellan 5 och 10 personer som kommer underhålla lyx.se och förhoppningsvis kunna leverera texter, tester, analyser, krönikor och tips som går i linje med min vision och syn på lyx som jag publicerade tidigare idag.

Följ gärna Lyx.se på Facebook eller Twitter!

Välkommen till ett lyxigare Svenskt internet. Välkommen till Sveriges blogg om lyx.


If you’ve followed this blog and me for a while you know I’ve been heading the work of making one of Sweden’s newest brands come to life – The Marginalen Bank.

It’s a fantastic assignment where I’ve together with Caroline Karlström have been given the honor of both creating the actual brand as well as establish it and building it on the Swedish market. Read more about that here and here.

Today another chapter in the Marginalen Bank branding story was written.

This morning our latest move to continue differentiating the bank from it’s competitors went live. And I’m damn proud of the results. The challenge was to create a concept that continues to build the Marginalen Bank brand in a positive way and emotional way. We felt we needed to innovate the creative concept we had previously worked with and move beyond illustrations but still stay within the areas of art and creativity. With this in mind we created a new communication platform that truly emotionalizes the brand, creates awareness and hopefully creates positive results.

The idea: Have creative people within the cultural industry interpret different key aspects of Marginalen Bank’s business areas.

We teamed up with the fantastic dancer, and great personality Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman, more known to some of you for being one of the founders and creative leaders behind the dance group Bounce. (If you don’t know of Bounce chances are that you probably know about the Flashmob tribute Bounce performed when Michael Jackson died.) Today [click to continue…]


History in the making

Earlier today we (my other company JAJDO), launched our second iPad and iPhone app. This one is called Buildo History or as in the picture below if you’re Russian. (we’ve translated it into 18 languages)

Buildo History. This one translated into Russian.

This is the second app in the Buildo Series. Our idea has been to create a simple yet creative app that allows for kids to create their own stories with as little guidance as possible. True creativity isn’t about us grown-ups creating rules that they need to follow. Our children will have plenty of that when they grow older. The Buildo series is more about playing around, having a good time and creating stories.

It’s kinda funny cause when grown-ups look at the Buildo apps they tend to say “Hmm, it looks a little simple”. When kids play with it they tend to say nothing but instead play with it for hours..or actually first play and then tell stories. My daughters Ebba and Linn often ask me to go away for half an hour and then come back. When I’m back in the room the show and tell me the story. It’s often a great laugh!

If you’ve got kids you should check it out. I think they’ll like it!

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Say no more!

The first app that my mobile app start-up JAJDO released last sunday, Buildo Rescue Sticker book, suddenly turned up in the New and Noteworthy section in the Apple app store. This is off course great news! There’s more coming soon!

We’re VERY honored about being featured here!

Nothing more to say!


Sometime last year I was approached by Vasakronan, Swedens largest property brand with a property portfolio valued at SEK 80.3 billion. Being a market leader the felt their digital presence had to reflect that position. Their question: What do we do? As always I teamed up with Caroline Karlström and accepted the challenge to answer that question. In this project I took on the role as both head of strategy and concept as well as actually delivering the top level designs of the new Vasakronan that Britny later implemented and refined.

This is what we did. Parts of the new Vasakronan digital brand presence

The new Vasakronan.se runs WordPress!

Me and Caroline started the project with an analysis phase and analysed their existing presence, the traffic to their site, the content, the design and the site structure. We interviewed representatives from Vasakronan as well as their clients and potential prospects. We also performed an extensive technical analysis [click to continue…]


Proudly presents: Buildo Rescue from JAJDO

Some of you probably know about my little venture called JAJDO. Together with Jonas Theder and Andreas Wålm I’ve set out to build an app factory. So far it’s a small factory and it’s taken some time to fine tune the assembly line but we’ve finally made it. Our first app is live in the app store!

Our first app. We’ve made history (at least in our books : )

The Buildo Rescue Sticker Book

This app is called Buildo Rescue and features 103 hand designed, full-color stickers themed around the Emergency & Rescue Services. There are [click to continue…]