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Let me introduce BAUX – Let’s Build!

Almost two years ago I had a very nice lunch with Petrus Palmér. Petrus has together with Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren founded the world famous design agency Form Us With Love. As we’re enjoying our food Petrus tells me about one of the products FUWL has created. It’s an acoustic panel made out of wood, cement and cement. It’s a beautiful product made to be mounted on walls. Then he keeps on showing me tons of other things they’ve created.

We’ve started a company together

As I came home that night I couldn’t stop thinking about that acoustic product he talked about. It’s a design product yet it’s a functional building material and on top of it all it’s sustainable. The next morning I called my good friend Fredrik Franzon, also an entrepreneur, this one with a history of optimizing supply chains and a great understanding for industrial processes – Fredrik, you’ve gotta be part of this! I then approached FUWL and said “Let’s build a company together”. The following 8 month we wined and dined, we got to know each other and then finally we shook hands. BAUX was born last year in September.


The BAUX mission – We’re here to inject the X into BAU

In February this year (2014), following a six month process where we defined the strategy, built our business plan, created our new brand plattform, developed new products, initiated the marketing process and developed our website, we launched [click to continue…]


60 seconds of pure passion

Just home from a weekend in St Anton with the mountain guides at Piste to Powder. This says it all:


Unstad, Lofoten. A place I’ll come back to.

SurfUnstad Beach. A nice wave breaking.

Last weekend I was away on a brand journey to Unstad, Lofoten with Swedish fashion brand Mountain Works. I’m one of the partners of this small yet well known Swedish clothing brand and now it was time for our first ‘Brand Lab’ trip. This is a concept I’ve created where I bring great personalities that in different ways represent the lifestyle Mountain Works wants to enforce.

ClimbingLofotenClimbing one of the peaks with the Mountain Works Brand Lab team

This first trip was chosen with great care by me. I wanted to guide these great people (I’ll let you know more about the team when we start communicating things soon) to a place that blew their and my mind. On top of this I felt the climate was important as we design create state of the art down jackets. The choice was easy. In the north of Norway in Lofoten land there’s [click to continue…]



I wrote a blogpost the other day about design and why it’s important for future brands. Then today I ‘ran‘ into this fantastic artwork made by london based agency Gregory Bonner Hale for a restaurant in France named Miss Ko. Miss Ko is an [click to continue…]


Why design is essential to future branding

design-thinkingThinking about design today.

I wrote a blogpost a couple of weeks ago about the three components of future branding; Authenticity, Innovation and Design. Today I though I’d dig deeper into the design part of branding. Why is it important, what does it mean and how do you know you’re on track.

Why is design an essential part of future branding?

Andy Warhol said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Andy was in many ways right. But while he was at it he could just as well have said “In the future, brands will be world-famous for 15 minutes. Designed brands will be worlds-famous forever”. We’re in the midst of a century where the consumers are in control. Consumers define who’s famous and who’s not.

Advertising is slowly fading away and product and service design is taking over as the new instrument to get famous. Design plays an extremely important role here. It’s like a we’re all invited to the biggest prom night ever where brands are looking to get laid with [click to continue…]

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ronnestam-andy-mike-tignesWay back in Tignes. Me, Tina, Andy, Mike and Greger in front.

Early in the nineties I spent most of my days snowboarding and it was at this time that I first met Mike Basich. Me, Mike, Andy Hetzel and Mike’s sister Tina acted trainers a snowboardcamp that Greger Hagelin who lated founded WESC arranged in Tignes. Me and Andy became good friends and about half a year later I visited Andy, Tina and Mike in Snowbird Utah. We spent two weeks riding some of the best powder I’ve ever seen. Now, more than 20 years later I’m still [click to continue…]

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first-pcitureMy first ever photo published on Instagram June 11th, 2011

I’d like to use todays blogpost to thank the team behind Instagram. I posted my first photo on Instagram June 11th, 2011 about a year after they launched the service. I had taken a look at it earlier but didn’t really have the energy to start posting at the time. Little did I know at that time that Instagram soon would change how I thought about photography.

When I first started using Instagram I did what most people would do, I started to follow people and posted a couple of images. But soon people started to follow me back and suddenly something changed how I thought about [click to continue…]


Years ago I found out about a innovator within the Whisky industry. His name is John Glaser and he has created a brand that is called Compass Box. If you are to buy a fantastic whisky, get your hands on a bottle of Compass Box. My personal favorite is Hedonism. The other day I ran into a new product from Compass that I hadn’t seen before. It had fantastic labeling.

compass-entertainerThe packaging for the Compass Box Entertainer

I regonised the style but couldn’t put my finger on it at first. Then I realised that those wonderful designs must come from

[click to continue…]

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Today is a great day. I’m really proud to announce JAJDOs next app – Pop ABC.

We’ve really been struggling to get this app out there. The app has been almost ready since before the summer but as always things take more time than first expected. However, we’ve learned a lot and now once it’s out there in the App Store I’m really happy and proud.

With timeless 8-bit gameplay, wacky sound FX, points bonuses, colorful graphics and a clear learning objective, Pop ABCs is that rare thing: a game for all the family. Your child will learn the alphabetic principle: to recognize letters [click to continue…]


Sometime last year I was approached by Vasakronan, Swedens largest property brand with a property portfolio valued at SEK 80.3 billion. Being a market leader the felt their digital presence had to reflect that position. Their question: What do we do? As always I teamed up with Caroline Karlström and accepted the challenge to answer that question. In this project I took on the role as both head of strategy and concept as well as actually delivering the top level designs of the new Vasakronan that Britny later implemented and refined.

This is what we did. Parts of the new Vasakronan digital brand presence

The new Vasakronan.se runs WordPress!

Me and Caroline started the project with an analysis phase and analysed their existing presence, the traffic to their site, the content, the design and the site structure. We interviewed representatives from Vasakronan as well as their clients and potential prospects. We also performed an extensive technical analysis [click to continue…]


As of monday this week you can spot the latest TVC created for Marginalen Bank.

This sweet little flick is the latest short film (I see it more as a short film than a TVC) in a series of three (1 & 2) created by me for Marginalen Bank, the brand I took part in developing and launching last fall. This time I’ve written and Art Directed it. As usual I’ve partnered with Caroline Karlström to make sure the project was delivered on time and quality. This time we contracted Mr Potemkin, aka Magnus Östergren to make sure the dream came alive.


Malin Erkonnen made us all smile with her fantastic illustrations and finally as always we had Erik Heusler produce the music.

This is of course just one of many activities going on right now but I wanted to share this little beauty with you.

I hope you like it!


Passion Makes You:

My daughter Ebba has a passion for Swings. I have a passion for Instagram.

Run a million miles
Walk deserts
Dive to the bottom of the sea
Fly to the moon
Surf monsters
Jump skyscrapers
Dance all night
Party all day
Get a tattoo
Kiss first
Do stupid things
Do bad things
Do good things
Love forever and leave behind
Passion makes us switch.

Passion never takes sides. Passion is never right or wrong. Passion is purely a small spark of genius hidden inside our hearts that guides us into the unknown. Passions is what drives us, it’s the fuel of excellence and success. Find your passion and live!