And here comes the Palm Pre


palm_pilot1In 1996 I was very proud of my first Palm Pilot. You might recall them – grey little bastards with a pen so you could write the alphabet instead of typing it with your fingers. I was happy to transfer all my contacts and calendars to my Palm since that would hopefully lead to me not loosing them ever again. Today we’re all talking about iPhone and Android and how they have a bunch of applications that you can use in your phone. But back then in 1996 Palm was ahead of the game and multiple sites offered thousands of applications that you could easily download to your Palm

Well, today Palm, in front of their fans introduced the Palm Pre. Their latest phone with the new Palm Web OS that made their stock jump 35%. According to the company, anyone who knows CSS, HTML and XML will be able to develop for the new Web OS. The phone is of course packed with everything you expect including GPS and according to Engadget it will be available in the first half of 2009.

Where does this leave us?

Apple, Google and now Palm. Three companies that doesn’t have the mobile phone history Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and Samsung has, have proven that they all understand the future business of mobile communication better than any of the old dragons.

The future of mobile communications is open source, usability, social communication and the players are new.

Oh, forgot. Not a word about Adobe Flash in this phone either. It’s all CSS, HTML, XML.  All you digital advertising people out there – get on the boat, we’re changing direction!

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  • anne jaa

    Well the Palm Pre's multitasking capabilities and notifications system are unparalleled which i like most.This smartphone features a vibrant display with multitouch functionality as well as a solid Web browser and good multimedia integration with good call quality and wireless options including 3G,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.Despite some missing features and performance issues that make it less than ideal for professionals but the Palm Pre offers well integrated features and unparalleled multitasking capabilities which please gadget lovers and consumers. My one friend has bought this one and he is so much happy with it.

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